Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Not Quite a Sonnet

Randomly inspired by a friend's Facebook status, which contained the first line of this poem.


Life Waits Not For You

Hot enough to take a cold shower.
Bored enough to waste a night hour.
The rain falls, the clouds tower
Death arrives with a pretty pink flower.

"Who are you?" I ask with an angry glower,
But even afore he speaks, I shudder.
This is he who has an eternal bower...
He says: "I bring your endless slumber."

Indignant, I cry, "My bill's not due!
There's nothing tying me to you.
I'm healthy, clean-living, enemy-free
What sort of death can you pin on me?"

The implacable reaper raises his voice:
"Your death's one of spirit, this end is your choice.
You've spent your life in search of escape
Why stay in a world you seem to so hate?"

Deaf to my pleas, his scythe makes my end.
All my life I killed time; now time takes revenge.